October 23, 2012

11x4x3 turks head knot tutorial part 1

This tutorial shows how to make an 11 bight by 4 part turks head knot out of 3 mm cord.
"Bight" is the place where the cord changes direction.
"Part" is the cord which is either "standing" (not moving) or "running" which is the live end.

Start with about 7 ft of cord. Make a three bight circumference of the mold placing the bights under the rubber bands as shown.

At the first overlap place the running end OVER the stationary or standing part as shown.

At the second overlap place the running part UNDER the standing part as shown.

Draw the cord though carefully and place the bight under the rubber band.
at the third overlap place the running part OVER the standing part as shown placing the bight under the rubber band.

The cords should be parallel and even.

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